With a limited amount release of the BMW M4 GTS in Australia, our customer opted to have his entire car covered with XPEL ULTIMATE+ Paint Protective Film (PPF) to provide real world protection to stop risk of the paint being damaged by stone chips, bug splatter, debris, contaminants and also wash swirls and marring.

This invisible barrier from XPEL also is self-healing, this works when the flim meets 25 + degrees celcius to self heal back to clear removing any swirls, marring and other imperfections that have happened over the film from either poort wash techniques or day-to-day driving.

Can you see it? Not quite? XPEL is almost invisible and yet still offers protection that no ceramic coating can! We hear absurd claims from brands across the globe that their ceramic coating will protect against chips, scratches etc – these claims are definitely false, no coating will protect your paint how XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film would and will.

If you are looking at protecting your investment, your family mover or even your daily we have a range of packages to suit everyone’s needs. Packages that include paint enhancement and protection, ceramic paint protection, XPEL clear bra paint protection film (ppf) and even pre-sale details – contact us on 07-3151-2091 to find out more today.