The Ford Ranger Raptor is known for its rugged performance and off-road capabilities. Recently, a stunning example of this vehicle arrived at our Murarrie studio, seeking a comprehensive protection package, to be enjoyed off and on road without the risk of damaging the paint. Through the application of the XPEL Paint Protection Film Package and a GYEON Ceramic Coating, we were able to protect the Raptor from stone chips, scratches, scuffs and damage that can potentially come from both an offroad trip and daily on road duties.

The XPEL Paint Protection Film Package ensures an invisible defense for the Ford Ranger Raptor. This film acts as a shield, guarding the vehicle’s exterior against scratches, stone chips, and other road debris. With its self-healing properties and high-gloss finish, the XPEL Paint Protection Film Package preserves the Ford Ranger Raptor’s showroom-quality appearance, allowing it to withstand the harshest conditions while maintaining its finish.

Complementing the XPEL Paint Protection Film Package, we applied a GYEON Ceramic Coating to enhance the Ford Ranger Raptor’s gloss and ensure long-lasting durability. This ceramic coating forms a protective layer over the vehicle’s applied PPF, shielding it from UV rays, environmental contaminants, and chemical substances. Additionally, the GYEON Ceramic Coating creates a hydrophobic surface, repelling water and making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. The Ford Ranger Raptor now boasts an enduring, high-gloss shine that will last for years to come.

The Ford Ranger Raptor that graced our Murarrie studio underwent a protective transformation, thanks to the XPEL Paint Protection Film Package and GYEON Ceramic Coating. The XPEL Paint Protection Film Package provided unmatched defense against scratches and stone chips, preserving the vehicle’s appearance. The application of the GYEON Ceramic Coating ensured enduring gloss and protection, allowing the Ford Ranger Raptor to shine both on and off the road. With these exceptional services, the Ford Ranger Raptor is ready to conquer any terrain or daily duty while maintaining its flawless finish.

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