The family vehicle is critical to the operation of day-to-day family life, with school runs, weekend sports, family holidays, and adventures all on top of the commute to work. These vehicles serve a very important role within the family.

Equally important, then, is a vehicle protection package to prevent costly damage and downtime for repairs. This is where GYEON ceramic coatings come into play, offering superior paint protection and a protective barrier against the elements.

While these vehicles are often loaded with tech and features to make day-to-day life easy, the painted surfaces on these vehicles are often given less of a focus at the point of manufacture. A great way for manufacturers to make these vehicles cost-effective to purchase is, unfortunately, saving money on painting the vehicles.

Some of the most popular vehicles in this category are the Mazda CX range, Hyundai Tucson & Santa Fe, and Kia Sportage & Sorento. All of these vehicles are now seeing paint thickness readings plummet well below the 90-micron range. What does this mean for your car ceramic coated?

Paint thickness readings in the 90’s or below essentially mean that a paint protection solution is more important than it has ever been to keep your vehicle looking new. Gone are the days of giving your vehicle a yearly polish to restore the paint finish. There simply isn’t enough clear coat applied to the paint from new to allow for this sort of yearly invasive process.

How do we eliminate the yearly polishing? A professional ceramic coating from the Gyeon range is the ideal solution for your modern family vehicle, offering a critically hard level of protection from the punishment of daily use. These coatings offer an extremely durable layer to protect your car from damage due to chemical fallout (birds, bats, tar, bird droppings tree sap), a UV protection layer for the paint, and offer a stunning high gloss finish.

With free time at an all-time low, and the family budget tighter than ever, a Gyeon protection coating can save you both time and money. These protective coatings from the Gyeon range offer a significant saving in time, with no more time-consuming polishing, waxing, buffing, and effort. Simply wash the vehicle regularly and enjoy the highly repellent nature of the coating where dirt simply doesn’t stick to the paint.

The Gyeon ceramic coating range doesn’t just stop at the exterior of the vehicle either, with a comprehensive range of interior protection solutions. Are you worried about spills and stains that come with things like sunscreen, food, or footy boots? We have a full complement of interior protection products for your leather seats, fabrics (carpets, floor mats, boot linings), as well as all your internal dash & plastic trims.

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All our services here at Auto Protective are completed by professionally trained installers who have years of experience working with the Gyeon protection range. We also have installers trained in working with your baby/child seats.

Our studio has been purpose-built with state-of-the-art equipment, specialist tools, and air-conditioned to ensure our staff work in the best possible environment to deliver outstanding results for your vehicle. We utilise the latest technology available to ensure your car is secure whilst on premises. We also offer charging facilities for the modern EV vehicles.

Our studio is conveniently located at Murarrie with direct highway access from the north and south, and in close proximity to major bus & train routes.

Here at Auto Protective, we also understand leaving your vehicle for any period of time can be tricky to manage for your family. To assist in keeping you on the road, we now offer the ultimate in convenience with a courtesy vehicle option for your booking. Our current model Kia Rio keeps you on the road and functioning with the latest in tech including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

If it’s time for you to upgrade your family car, have a chat to us today about how we can help keep it looking new and protected from the elements. We can tailor a package to suit your families’ need including paint protection systems, window tinting, interior protection, wheel protection, and XPEL PPF (Paint Protection Film) solutions.