We’re no stranger to the modern dual cab 4WD ute market here in Brisbane, we live & breathe it ourselves. So we know a thing or two about the protection requirements for your new ute. We have the perfect solution for you ranging from a basic ceramic coating paint for a fleet vehicle, through to full off-road protection solutions for the weekend warrior.

Recently Isuzu have given their ute range a freshen up, and what package the’ve delivered! This top spec model in stunning blue combines work duties for construction sites through to weekend adventures out seeing the country we live in.

We worked with our client on this project to deliver a protection package from the Gyeon range that would give him total piece of mind.

The exterior of the vehicle was coated in Gyeon’s flagship product – DuraFlex. This premium ceramic protection film offers unrivalled hardness and gloss for an always clean look whilst offering an increased hardness to the paint through the silazane technology  of the base layer.

Isuzu offer one of the most reliable utes on the market, with a truck designed engine & driveline package. Unfortunately though painting the vehicles isn’t their strong suit, and scratching is a common issue especially when used offroad. This client can now have confidence to use his vehicle at work and play knowing that DuraFlex has given him critically hard protection.

A common issue with using these vehicles offroad is dirt & grime buildup on the wheels. With the help of Gyeon MOHs ceramic wheel coating, we’re able to make cleaning after a trip away much easier. Around town these vehicles are prone to general brake dust build up as well. Having the hard ceramic protection on these wheels prevents nasty fallout from etching the wheel surface, protecting your aftermarket wheels from damage.

Given this vehicle sees duties around work sites, it’s not uncommon to climb in after a hard days work carrying some dirt & grime. With fantastically appointed leather seats in these top spec models, clients often raise concerns about dirt & grime staining and drying out of the leather. Gyeon Leather Shield is a premium leather protection option offered to combat this issue and seal the pores of the leather from dirt & grime, staining and UV damage for those long days on the work site.

So if you’re in the market for a new vehicle and looking for a tailored ceramic coating solution for your new vehicle, talk to the team here at Auto Protective and we’ll tailor a package to suit your needs.