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If you are looking for the ultimate urethane film – then look no further! XPEL offers the very best stain resistant PPF or Clear Bra to cover parts or all of your car to protect it from the perils of everyday driving. We know every car is different and will be driven in a different way, in different conditions, so we are here to offer you expert advice on how to protect the paint job of your car’s exterior. With years of experience, we can help identify the areas that you need most protection on, and can customise a solution for you. Please contact our installer of Car PPF or Paint Protection film in Brisbane installer so we can discuss your requirements further.

XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film | Auto Protectice Brisbane
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XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film offers virtually invisible coverage of your vehicle for paint surface protection from scuffs, minor scratches, stone chips, bug splatter, tree sap, road debris that can occur during everyday driving or when you wash the car. Auto PPF surface invisible protective layer maintains the value of your vehicle, keeps unsightly and costly damage from occurring due to wear and tear, and gives you peace of mind while driving your car.
The quality and size of the XPEL ULTIMATE self healing Paint Protection Film allows for larger areas of protection that look as good, if not even glossier, than the factory paint. You no longer have to compromise the look of your vehicle to get the protection you need. The advanced top coat of the car paint protection film (PPF) prevents it from discolouring and UV damage due to UV rays exposure and also allows it to ‘heal’ from light scratching, swirl marks or marring that can happen during a normal car washing process.
No More Stone Chips
10 Year Warranty
Self-Healing Top Coat
Custom Patterns for Your Car
Enhances Gloss
No Yellowing or Discolouration

Car Paint Protection Packages

Full Body Protection Package

From $6,000 Includes:
All Painted Body Panels.

The Full Car Coverage is the ultimate worry free driving experience. Every exterior painted surface of the vehicle is able to be protected to ensure that no damage is incurred from road debris impact and everyday use. This will not only keep stone chips at bay, but also protect against scuffs and minor scratches on every panel of the car – giving you complete peace of mind while enjoying driving, parking in car parks and perfectly preserving the factory paint finish for years to come.

Drivers Package | Auto Protective Brisbane

Drivers Package

From $3,000 Includes:
Full Front Bumper, Headlights, Full Bonnet, Full Front Guards, Mirrors, and Side Skirts with the area right behind the Rear Wheel covered also.

The Driver’s Package is based on the areas of the car that are the most exposed to potential impact and damage, especially good for those who like to track their car or do drive days. This is ideal for any daily and track driven vehicle. This package ensures all those areas most prone to ‘road rash’ are fully covered and protected.

Drivers Package | Auto Protective Brisbane

Full Front Coverage

From $2,500 includes:
Full Front Bumper, Headlights, Full Bonnet, Full Front Guards, Mirrors, and Door Cups.

The Full Front Package is the most common coverage option chosen by customers wanting to really protect without any lines. It provides the cleanest look possible as we can PPF wrap most of the panel edges and eliminate the line of Partial Coverage across the bonnet. This package offers excellent protection for the full front of your car where most of the stone ships and damage can happen.

Full Front Coverage | Auto Protective

Partial Front Coverage

From $1,450
Full Front Bumper, 24″ or 600mm section on the Front of the Bonnet, Leading sections of the Front Guards to align with Bonnet, Mirrors, and Door Cups

This is our entry level package. It provides good protection to the leading edges of the vehicle, where you really need protection most. A good start for your PPF journey, but we guarantee you will be back for the Full Front on the next car.

Partial Front Coverage | Auto Protective

Car Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film cost is a small price to pay for the long-term protection it provides. If you are looking for ppf car protection services, we are happy to discuss your New Car Paint Protection in Brisbane needs, to find the best option to suit you and make sure all the areas you are concerned about are covered in near invisible clear bra to preserve the paint work of your car. We offer High Gloss and Matte options depending on your preference and we can even change Gloss Paint to a Matte Stealth finish – all the looks of a frozen paint but 100% protected. If you are looking for the best PPF (film protection), call our PPF installers or Visit Us today at our premium Brisbane location. We take pride in providing high quality films and top-notch paint protection products.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPF Coating?

PPF (Paint Protection Film) coating is a transparent, durable film that is applied to the exterior of vehicles to protect the paint from scratches, stone chips, and other forms of damage. It acts as a barrier between the vehicle's paint and the elements, helping to maintain the appearance and value of the car.

How Long Does PPF Last?

The longevity of PPF depends on various factors such as the quality of the film, the installation process, and the level of care. On average, high-quality PPF can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. However, it's important to note that regular maintenance, such as proper washing and occasional reconditioning, can help extend its lifespan.

Is PPF Worth It?

Deciding whether PPF is worth it depends on individual preferences and needs. PPF offers significant benefits in terms of paint protection, preserving the vehicle's appearance, and reducing the risk of damage. If you value maintaining the pristine condition of your vehicle and are willing to invest in its protection, PPF can be a worthwhile investment.

Why choose XPEL Ultimate PPF?

XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film is an advanced car protection film that helps keep your vehicle looking pristine. Made with a proprietary top coat, this nearly invisible film shields your car from scuffs, minor scratches, stone chips, and other everyday driving hazards. The self-healing properties of the paint protection film allow it to "heal" from light marring or swirl marks that can occur during normal washing. By protecting your car's paint from UV rays, bird droppings, and wear and tear, this high-quality film helps maintain that straight-from-the-showroom look. Give your vehicle the protection it deserves with XPEL ULTIMATE - the clear choice for keeping your car beautifully protected.

How can a local paint protection film installer help protect my vehicle from harsh Australian sun and environmental factors?

Local paint protection film installer near you like Auto Protective applies advanced films that include UV protectants, offering essential protection against the intense Australian sun and environmental conditions. This ensures the longevity and pristine appearance of your vehicle's paint, safeguarding your investment.

Learn more here: Ultimate Guide to PPF Protect Your Car's Paint in Australia

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