The Porsche 991 GTS, a car we would argue is the perfect balance of weekend fun, and weeday practicality. This vehicle has all the power, brakes & suspension required to make this a very capable car at your local track. On the flip side, this vehicle isn’t as aggressive as something like a GT3, and when put in Porsches well tuned comfort modes, can be driven to work on Monday after a weekend blasting out laps.

Porsche 991.1 GTS with XPEL ULTIMATE

So with a vehicle equally as comfortable on track as it is on the busy highways, there’s really only one solution for protection. XPEL Ultimate Plus, the perfect nearly invisible solution for road and track usage.

XPEL is a Clear Bra also known as Paint Protection Film. The film is applied to the vehicles paintwork to help prevent risk of paint damage caused by stone-chips, bug splatter, road debris and other nasties both on road and on track. The owner can drive this car the way its meant to be driven without any concern for the paints finish.

The process of protection for this vehicle began with a thorough decontamination process. This decontamination includes a pre-soak with a snow foam wash to help loosen debris, grime and any glazes or quick detail sprays. Following this the paintwork is decontaminated with GYEON Q2 Iron to remove any iron particles / fallout that is commonly found from transit. Finally we follow with a fine grade Japanese clay bar to remove any harsh surface contaminants.

Our goal for paint correction is always to preserve the maximum amount of OEM clear coat, whilst minimising the visibility of any swirls or scratches. We use only the finest machines from Rupes, polishing pads from Lake Country, and polishing compounds from Menzerna.

Prior to application of any XPEL Film, we ensure that the paint is cleaned thoroughly through all the jambs, edges and crevices to prevent any contamination entering the film during the application process. Our installers are all factory trained by XPEL. We have the ability to pre-cut films for almost every make and model vehicle via XPEL’s Design Access Program (DAP) – this ensures a precise seamless fitment for your vehicle, giving an almost invisible finish to your XPEL PPF application.

This stunning carmine red Porsche 991.1 GTS is now completely protected from impact damage from the track or the road. XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film offers the best solution for protecting your paintwork against debris, swirls, marring and other road hazards for track and road use. Combined with GYEON quartz for a high gloss and easy on-going maintenance – this car is fully protected!

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