The Porsche Cayman GTS, a symbol of precision engineering and dynamic performance, recently graced our Brisbane detailing studio, seeking a level of care that befits its exceptional stature. Our team embarked on a transformative journey, implementing a comprehensive enhancement package that included the prestigious XPEL PPF, GYEON Flash Ceramic Coating, Wheel Coating, an Interior Protection Package, and a bespoke touch – a custom GTS 4.0 decal meticulously designed to match the car’s accents. Let’s explore how these treatments elevated the Porsche Cayman GTS to new heights of protection, aesthetics, and individuality.

XPEL PPF Package

To ensure the Porsche Cayman GTS remains shielded from the rigors of the road, we applied the XPEL Paint Protection Film (PPF) package. This advanced film provides an invisible barrier against scratches, stone chips, and road debris, preserving the car’s flawless exterior. The self-healing properties of XPEL PPF ensure that the Cayman GTS maintains its showroom-worthy finish, allowing the owner to drive with confidence and peace of mind.

GYEON Flash Ceramic Coating

To enhance the brilliance of the Cayman GTS, we applied the GYEON Flash Ceramic Coating. This cutting-edge ceramic coating not only adds an impressive depth and gloss to the vehicle’s paintwork but also provides an additional layer of protection. GYEON Flash Ceramic Coating boasts hydrophobic properties, allowing water to bead off the surface and making routine maintenance a breeze. The Cayman GTS now radiates a long-lasting shine that mirrors its performance capabilities.

Wheel Coating

Recognizing the significance of every detail, the wheels of the Cayman GTS received a specialized coating. This Wheel Coating not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the rims but also provides a durable shield against brake dust and environmental contaminants. The result is wheels that not only look stunning but are also easier to maintain, contributing to the overall allure of the Cayman GTS.

Interior Protection Package

Moving beyond the exterior, we treated the Cayman GTS’s interior with meticulous care. The Interior Protection Package included GYEON Leather Coating for the luxurious leather surfaces and GYEON Fabric Coating for the alcantara and fabric components. These coatings create a hydrophobic barrier, guarding against spills, stains, and UV damage. The result is an interior that remains as elegant and comfortable as the day the Cayman GTS rolled off the production line.

Custom GTS 4.0 Decal

To add a unique touch to this already exceptional vehicle, we introduced a custom GTS 4.0 decal. Meticulously designed to match the accents of the Cayman GTS, this bespoke decal adds a personalized touch to the car’s exterior. It not only pays homage to the model’s distinctive features but also sets the Cayman GTS apart, emphasizing its individuality and performance pedigree.

The Porsche Cayman GTS that visited our Brisbane detailing studio underwent a comprehensive transformation, blending performance-oriented protection with meticulous attention to aesthetic details. The XPEL PPF package, GYEON Flash Ceramic Coating, Wheel Coating, Interior Protection Package, and the custom GTS 4.0 decal collectively contributed to elevating the Cayman GTS to new heights of excellence. Owners seeking a unique fusion of protection, aesthetics, and personalization are invited to explore the transformative services offered at our studio. Drive with confidence, knowing that your Porsche Cayman GTS stands as a bespoke masterpiece, reflecting not only its iconic design but also your individual style.

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