Electric Vehicles, or EV’s for short… they stir a lot of emotions in the automotive community.
Purist car enthusiasts will argue that without an engine note, the driving experience is lacking that raw emotion. However once you’ve experienced the acceleration, it’s hard to argue they can be an exhilarating experience.

Tesla for a long time now have been at the forefront of design & technology when it comes to EV’s, and have done a fantastic job of bringing some great looking cars to the market place… the jury is still out on the Cybertruck though.

Auto Protective and in particular Rob, has had a long history with the Tesla brand. We protected one of the first Model S vehicles delivered in Brisbane back in 2015, and to this day still maintain the vehicle, and keep in touch with the owner.

It seemed only natural that with deliveries of Model 3 starting to roll through in August, we reaffirm our relationship with the Tesla Owners Club – Queensland. As a supporter and sponsor of TOCA, we were approached by several TOCA members to protect their new vehicles.

Why is protection for the Model 3 so important?
The design of the Tesla Model 3 is such a sleek, sports oriented model, but with minimal air vents in the bumper design, you have large areas of paint exposed to road debris.
With a large exposed bumper, low bonnet height, and large fenders all exposed to damage, the best available form of protection is from XPEL’s Ultimate Plus or Stealth protective film (PPF).

This film offers the ultimate in stone chip protection for frontal impact protection, as well as a self healing clear coat for a swirl mark free finish.

How does XPEL protection work?
XPEL’s Ultimate Plus or Stealth films are an optically clear, urethane protective film for automotive paint protection. The paint protection film is made of 3 layers – adhesive, urethane, clear coat.
Adhesive – The adhesive used by XPEL is a completely clear, strong adhesive to ensure the optimal bond to your paint finish, whilst not causing any long term damage.
Urethane – This layer is what really offers the impact protection. A thick, optically clear layer of urethane film absorbs impact from rocks/bugs/road debris and distributes this force to prevent damage to the paint finish.
Clear Coat – This top coating is self healing, to prevent swirl marking and damage to the urethane layer and paint below. The clear coat also has it’s own hydrophobic nature to help shed water & contaminant leaving a high gloss finish and easy maintenance.

Why use Auto Protective to protect my Tesla?
With our long history of working with these vehicles, comes experience. We have a vast array of experience in the intricacies of working with these EV’s from washing them safely, to spotting & repairing paint defects that Tesla unfortunately are known for.
We also have on site 15amp power so all vehicles leave fully charged ready to go about a days work.
Auto Protective was also Brisbane’s first fully certified XPEL installer, and is Brisbane’s ONLY Gyeon Quartz fully certified installer. Both Lucas and Rob have been factory trained by XPEL’s lead trainers. You can be assured you are getting the best possible finish every time.
The other advantage of experience comes from our extensive database of custom XPEL patterns. What this means for you, is a perfect precision fitment of ever panel for complete coverage.

We also offer discounts for all TOCA (Tesla Owners Club Australia) members, so talk to us today about special member pricing and custom protection packages.

So, if you are looking for Tesla Model 3 paint protection film in Brisbane, you’ve come to the right place!