The popularity of electric vehicles is on a steep incline, and it’s no secret that Tesla is leading the charge with their fleet of full electric cars. Investing in a car like this is means investing in it looking as good as the day it leaves the showroom for years to come is an obvious choice. However, there’s several ways this can be achieved. In this article, we’re going to look through the various ways we’ve gone about this for the numerous Tesla’s we’ve looked after over the past few months.

Protection options can be broken down into Ceramic Coatings and Paint Protection Film. Both of these options offer incredible protection along with a host of other benefits, but which one is the right one for you?

XPEL Paint Protection Film is a long lasting, super durable, high gloss layer of film that is cut to the pattern of your car and applied over all painted surfaces of the vehicle. XPEL Paint Protection is virtually invisible barrier between debris and impact on your paint, stopping stone chips, scuffs, and scratches. XPEL Paint Protection Film offers a 10-year warranty on all films.

XPEL PPF is self-healing, this means when there is damage to the film, for example a stone chip, the film will heal back over itself when heat is applied. This means that damage to the film does not require replacing it, simply applying heat will have it looking good as new.
Paint protection film also offers high gloss and hydrophobicity, keeping the car looking cleaner for longer between interval washes, as well as preventing water spotting and a tedious washing process.

XPEL also offers a ‘Stealth Conversion’, this is a complete matte conversion for the paint, retaining the original colour, but adding a matte finish, along with all the other benefits of typical PPF.

GYEON Ceramic Coatings offer protection, durability, gloss, hydrophobicity, UV resistance and easy maintenance, with warranty programs from 5 years to the life of the car. GYEON Ceramic provides a layer of protection against scratches, stone chips, and light scuffs, whilst boosting the gloss of the car with an insane hydrophobic effect.

GYEON Ceramic Coatings are made with the high UV Australian sun in mind, this protects the cars finish from prolonged UV damage, and can also be applied to the cars plastic trims. Our ceramic coating packages also typically include an additional ceramic protection applied to the glass, trim, wheels, and interior of the car, not just the paint.

In many cases, a GYEON Ceramic Coating will be applied along with an XPEL Paint Protection Film, creating an additional barrier against contamination, UV and light damage. Each of these Tesla’s also received protection packages to their wheels, glass, and interior.

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