We’ve protected a lot of BMW’s M2 Competition model here at Auto Protective, all sorts of colours, all sorts of custom options. The M2 represents a great package for those looking for a compact performance vehicle with BMW fit & finish and BMW reliability.

The best part about the M2 competition is it’s built with the track in mind. It’s almost like the motorsport team at BMW got their hands on a 240I and went to town… screaming twin turbo straight six engine and suspension tuning that could rattle fillings loose. The fun police in the office stepped in and dialled it down just enough to make it road usable.

The bean counters in BMW’s office have all but banished the manual gearbox to the depths of a distant memory too, however luckily for M2 Competition owners, they haven’t removed it completely as an option… yet.

In our opinion, there’s really only two colours to consider when buying an M2. Longbeach Blue, or Hokenheim Silver. Both are stunning colours that sit very nicely on the M2’s fat hipped body.

With the track focused nature of the M2 Competition, it’s a no brainer that most owners are taking these vehicles out on the weekend to the likes of Lakeside Raceway, Queensland Raceway or if you’re really brave, Morgan Park.

It doesn’t matter which track you’re heading to, debris is a real thing. Stone chips are going to happen, be it from the Porsche you’re ambitiously chasing down, or the poor Golf owner you’ve lapped for the third time in your session.

All that in mind, it’s really silly to not consider a protection solution. What should you use? XPEL of course.

XPEL Paint Protection Film offers you the perfect solution of maximum coverage, stunning gloss, and precise fitment.

On this particular example of a Longbeach Blue M2 Competition, we installed a full body XPEL package, a Gyeon paint & interior package, and a Gyeon full wheel coating incl. all suspension components and brake callipers.

If you spend your weekends at the track, you do lots of highway driving, or you just don’t like stone chips, we have a protection solution to suit your needs.