If you’re into your outdoors adventure life, you know what a 79 Series Landcruiser is… they’re the new hot item in the 4WD world.

This vehicle was a long build process for the owner, from delivery of the vehicle from a country QLD Toyota dealership to various partners up and down the QLD coast before finally finding it’s way to our driveway for protection.

The owner planned this build quite well. All the technical work was completed before we got our hands on it, meaning any of the little bumps & scrapes from mechanics, accessory installers and the likes could be polished out.

This vehicle was built with a solid purpose in mind. Get me to some of the most remote parts of the country, do it without any damage, and get me home again. This vehicle will see the CREB track, The Simpson Desert, Canning Stock Route, Birdsville, remote parts of the gulf, and plenty of off the beaten track locations.

The vehicle has been purpose built with a custom interior for maximum comfort, a custom built Norweld canopy with matched painted doors & tool box lids, ARB bar work including bull bar & side rails, and considerable electrical work.

Our task was fairly simple in theory… add the paint protection film to everything you could see, and then some stuff you couldn’t see.

With our extensive knowledge of the 4WD market and touring the country, we know what level of protection this vehicle needed.

Our protection package was extensive –

  • XPEL Full Body Protection incl. canopy doors & tool box lids
  • Gyeon Quartz exterior ceramic coating
  • Gyeon Quartz interior protection package
  • Gyeon Quartz full wheel coating for all wheels
  • Coating of all bar work incl. aluminium canopy, roof racks under body

XPEL Ultimate Plus was chosen to cover any of the high exposure exterior offering protection against stone chips, tree scratching and other impact type damage.

XPEL and the network we have here in Australia puts us at excellent advantage for this type of protection, as we have a series of custom made patterns for this vehicle meaning no knife cutting on the vehicle at all.

PPFs are designed to protect your vehicle.

During the installation we used a series of custom made templates for the large Norweld canopy doors, as well as custom templates for the tool box doors. We also custom made patterns for the right hand front fender which means no removal of the Safari Armax snorkel fitted to the vehicle.

Once we had completed a full body XPEL installation, we began the coating process using Gyeon DuraFlex for maximum protection from chemical elements like bird/bat droppings, tree sap, tar from those long highway hauls, and makes removal of mud easier.

On the topic of mud, we completely coated all of the wheels on the vehicle for easy cleaning. Knowing the environment this vehicle could be exposed to, having a coating that will want to shed mud easily means no wheel balancing issues between townships on that remote journey and no need to use precious water to clean mud out of brakes.

The interior of the vehicle had been customised with custom made seat covers, custom shaped floor mats, and a custom built interior console. We installed a comprehensive package of Gyeon protection for all interior fabric, vinyl and plastic trims.

This vehicle has headed home to North Queensland now, and will begin the final stage of it’s installation with a full compliment of Enerdrive electrical fit out.

Whether you’re building a farm vehicle, a work horse for your business, or an epic touring combination we have a game changing protection solution for your next game changing build.

Protect the paintwork of your Toyota Landcruiser 79 with PPF now!