From the very outset of this job, there were two clearly defined goals for this job; Perfection, and Ultimate Protection.

This client is a long term client here at Auto Protective, so when it came time to protect this newly purchased VW Golf R, it was clear we would be working with the best of the best when it came to protection, including XPEL Ultimate Plus for no more rock chips, as well as the full assortment of Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Paint Protection.

Coming straight to us from a dealer in Central Queensland, we were working with an unknown variable having not been able to pre-inspect the vehicle. Thankfully the client has a keen eye and was able to bring to our attention a sub-standard repair carried out by the dealership.

Unfortunately, this vehicle had been so poorly repaired from in-transit damage, we were left working with a situation where we had minimal clear coat, as well as a very different orange peel texture to the factory finish. As highly skilled professionals, we were able to sand the repaired area safely to bring back a factory looking finish without the need for a costly respray, preserving the OEM paint.

With the goal of pure perfection for the stunning solid red gloss finish, we invested over 20 hours of paint correction, sanding, polishing and jeweling to deliver a finish with completely swirl mark free, free of any hazing or marring and showing absolute clarity. The polishing process included multiple stages of cutting with a rotary polisher to ensure all swirl marking and light scratching from the dealer delivery wash were removed.

Only once we had a completely flawless finish, could we begin the process of installing XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film (PPF or Clear Bra). The goal of ultimate protection meant the vehicle would undergo a full wrap in XPEL’s top level film, offering a self healing, impact resistant finish to the whole vehicle.

Using XPEL’s DAP (Design Access Program) as a premium member, we were able to work with the pre-templated patterns to deliver a very comprehensive fitment, including wrapping or tucking of film around every edge possible for a completely invisible finish. Having access to such a comprehensive database, factory trained expert staff, and our own on site Graphtec FC8600 Digital Plotter means we can customise patterns for over 80,000+ vehicles to deliver a finish previously unachievable from a car bra. On site plotting also means a perfect precision fitment with no knife cutting on your vehicles paint.

Once all the panels had been fully wrapped, we proceeded with the Gyeon Quartz range of protection. We started with Gyeon’s top level protection for ultimate slickness, hardness and highly hydrophilic nature. This coating offers exceptional levels of gloss, further increasing the clarity of the paint for a perfect finish.

To meet our goal of ultimate protection, we protected the interior of the vehicle with Gyeon Quartz Leather Shield protection offering a professional level ceramic coating for leather to provide UV protection, spill & stain resistance and dye transfer resistance. Further to this, the carpets were protected with Gyeon’s Fabric Coat to offer stain and water resistance. Interior trims were coated with Gyeon Preserve to further enhance the UV protection.

As with all European manufactured vehicles, brake dust is a concern. The wheels, callipers and suspension components of this vehicle were all treated to Gyeon Quartz MOHs coating. This coating is the next step up from the fantastic RIM coating and offers heat protection up to 1000° Celsius. This critically hard coating also provides a barrier against brake dust bonding to the wheel surface which can cause pitting, clear coat failure and alloy degradation leading to costly repairs.

Finally all external glass was treated with Gyeon View to provide ultimate water resistance, meaning heavy rain will simply fly off. This coating also provides excellent resistance against water spotting, safer visibility in heavy rain, and increased lifespan of expensive wiper blades.

When it comes to ultimate protection for your new vehicle, speak to the professionals in the business who use only the best. We are Brisbane’s Best Car Paint Protection Facility. All of our staff are factory trained professionals with many years industry experience working in a purpose built brand new state of the art facility conveniently located in Murarrie.