Mercedes AMG GT-C with XPEL Stealth Full Body PPF
Mercedes AMG GT-C with XPEL Stealth Full Body Paint Protection Film

It’s not uncommon as a car enthusiast to see a car out on the roads that turns your head… but when it comes to the Mercedes-AMG GT C, the looks are simply neck snapingly stunning. This car just looks fast sitting still. And the sound? Unbelievably impressive.

The AMG GT C is the model sitting almost at the top of the GT lineup, coming with a wider rear stance than the base level GT and GTS and only mildly tamer than the top spec GT R.

Coming standard with a bi-turbo V8 producing 410kw, and 680nm, this car is legitimately fast.

This particular vehicle is finished in Mercedes Designo Magno Selenite Grey, a colour that lends itself perfectly to the curves of the GT body shape.

Unlike traditional gloss paint, these matte finishes are more prone to scratching, staining & marring from regular washing, often leaving patches looking glossier than the rest of the panel. On top of these chemical factors, there is the inherent risk of impact damage from things like rocks, road debris, bugs and other debris on our roads. Repairs to these matte finishes generally require full respraying of the vehicle to maintain a consistent colour and texture match. The bill for a repair like this? Upwards of $40,000 in most cases.

With the concerns over paint damage and maintaining the stunning looks of this car, the client approached us to discuss protection options. Our solution to offer maximum protection for the vehicle was XPEL’s Stealth product.

XPEL Stealth is a matte or satin finish paint protection film (ppf or clear bra) designed specifically for factory matte finish vehicles. Not only does this film solution offer impact protection against things like stone chips and road debris, it also offers a self healing clear coat for ultimate protection against scratching & swirl marks. Using heat, scratches in the film simply disappear to leave a flawless finish.

As a further boost to the protective abilities of XPEL, we applied a layer of Gyeon Quartz Matte ceramic paint protection. This coating has also been specifically developed for factory matte finish vehicle to offer an increase in hardness to 9H, as well as a chemical resistance between 2 and 11 on the PH scale. This ceramic coating is the ideal solution for protection against staining of the matte finish, and makes washing an exceptionally easier task.

As a factory trained and fully certified XPEL installer, we have on site access to DAP (Design Access Program), a database of 80,000+ vehicle. This software package allows us to access professionally developed templates that can be modified to include wrapping of every edge possible for a seamless finish. All our film installations are done using precise adjustments to allow for millimetre perfect fitment of every panel. Our goal for every installation is for the untrained eye to not even see a protective film on the vehicle, often requiring hours of measuring & adjusting prior to digitally cutting our patterns.

All our patterns are then cut in store on our Graphtec FC8600 plotter. This plotter will take a full width 60” roll of XPEL film. Having this plotter on site allows us to cut our own custom patterns to avoid the risky process of cutting film on the vehicle, and delivers perfect fitment every vehicle. On site plotting also means if you do happen to damage a piece of film, we can have you back fully protected again in a very short turnaround.

Our client can now drive this vehicle with the complete peace of mind that the vehicle is fully protected and will remain protected for many years to come.

If you have, or are considering owning a factory matte finish vehicle, speak to us today for completely obligation free advice on how we can keep your vehicle looking brand new.

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